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 Needful Things

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Number of posts : 494
Age : 57
Location : In A World of My Own Making-a sim world
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PostSubject: Needful Things   Sat Oct 18, 2008 8:08 pm

Today has been an eye opener for me. I have spent a good part of the afternoon teaching my sister who really wants to learn how to do what I love to call 'redesigns' for sims 2.

I had forgotten how complicated it can be. I do so hope that when I do my tutorials that I write in enough detail that you can actually figure out what I'm teaching. There is so much to learn!!!

Also, the programs are so varied and everyone seems to have a preference. I am going to find the ones used most....of course the free ones....and put the links up. One note with that. There are usually tutorials that come with them, or are on the site for you to see.

I have Archsoft PhotoImpression 3.0. It came free with one of the many printers I have had to buy, and I could not do without it! I switch between it and my Adobe Photoshop for much of my work! (I am a beginner with the Photoshop) I love the tools that come with the Archsoft one. Very easy for me to work with!

Anyhoo, here are some links for you:

This one is for Gimp (15 mb). I have actually downloaded it, so I can help with any questions later:

And here is Picasa. Totally free, and only 5 mb

And on there are a number of programs you can try, if you don't like the ones above.

Now, another program that folks really like is SimPE. This program is here It is usually updated for the latest expansion pack, and that is what is made available. I am not great at this one, so I just used the 'wizards of simpe' one and redesign paintings and sometimes some small furnishings. My eyes aren't great enough to do all those smaller things.... LOL You can do just about anything that is deco, sitable, or table-able with this.

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Number of posts : 494
Age : 57
Location : In A World of My Own Making-a sim world
Humor : Silly and sometimes sly
Registration date : 2008-07-17

PostSubject: Re: Needful Things   Sat Oct 18, 2008 8:08 pm
PhotoImpression 4 Description (this is shareware download, but I can't figure out how long you can try it out)
ArcSoft PhotoImpression 4 is an all-inclusive application designed specifically for novice users. It combines photo editing with additional creative and printing tools that maximize your digital imaging experience.
Create dynamic images
Advanced editing features are incorporated into a simple and inviting desktop, making the program easy and fun to use. Layering capabilities let you create complex yet manageable images. Edit each layer independently without affecting other layers. This feature was once exclusive to high-end software, but is now available in this all-in-one application.

Editable text
Add text to any image by simply clicking the text tool. Adding text automatically creates a new layer, so it can easily be moved or modified at a later time--even after the file has been saved or closed (you must use the PSF format). You can also create an instant 3D effect by adding a drop shadow to your text. If you dont want to add text permanently to your images, text options are available so you can add text exclusively for a particular print job.

Instantly remove red-eye
Simply click on the Red-eye Removal tool, then apply the filter to a flash-induced red-eye to remove those unwanted tints that are all too common with flash photography.

Special effects and enhancements/Intuitive resize options
Enhance your photos by adjusting the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, sharpness, or tone. Then apply special effects: sketch, ripple, wrinkle, splash, mosaic, 3D grid, ribbon, magic mirror, or emboss. New options let you specify the exact image dimensions when resizing. This is perfect for making images smaller for emailing or posting on the Web.

Photo fun
Offering tons of brushes, frames and shapes, PhotoImpression is ideal for creating unique projects. You can enhance any image with a fun frame, cool brush effect, or shaped template. Create calendars and greeting cards to share with everyone.

Choose from a wide variety of frames, brush stroke edges and shapes
Offering tons of brushes, frames and shapes, PhotoImpression is ideal for creating unique projects. You can enhance any image with a fun frame, cool brush effect or shaped template.

Multiple, advanced printing options--now with PIM!
PhotoImpression gives you several printing options for single or multiple photos, including the ability to print entire albums. Auto-crop and auto-rotate features let you maximize your print area and save paper. You can even print multiple pages at one time! Pre-defined crop templates let you cut your picture to a specific dimension.

PhotoImpression now supports Epson PRINT Image Matching (PIM). Digital devices that use PIM capture with truer color than standard digital devices. If your image, software, and printer support PIM, you can output images in the highest possible quality.

Desktop interaction
Create slide show screen savers, and set images within PhotoImpression as your desktop wallpaper (Windows only). Now your personal images can be incorporated into your system in ways previously unavailable. Display your photos with pride!

Works great with digital cameras and scanners
You can acquire images directly from digital cameras, scanners or any TWAIN-compliant device. Use PhotoImpression to get the most out of your digital devices.
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Needful Things
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