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Number of posts : 494
Age : 57
Location : In A World of My Own Making-a sim world
Humor : Silly and sometimes sly
Registration date : 2008-07-17

PostSubject: Q & A   Fri Feb 13, 2009 12:15 pm


Q: I bought new clothes, so now how do I get my Sims to wear them?
A: First, remember that clothes are made (and bought) for only a Sim of a certain gender of a certain age. If the Sim no longer matches that, then any clothes he or she bought won't work. If that's all good, go to any dresser in the house and do the Plan Outfit… interaction.


Q: Can Sims move out of a house?
A: Yes. Have any adult or elder Sim select a paper or computer and choose the Find Own Place interaction. The Sim will automatically leave the lot after doing the action.

Q: If a Sim moves out, can they move somewhere else?
A: Yes. Once a Sim moves out, they are simply returned to the Families Bin in the neighborhood screen. If a Sim moves out, they get 20,000 Simoleons to their name, and are basically treated like a new family.

Q: Can entire families move?
A: Yes, but that has to be done at the neighborhood screen. Click the Families button in the UCP, then click the Move Family icon. That will pull the family out of the house and return them to the Families bin. The game will automatically sell any objects the family had, and the money will be added to the account to determine how many Simoleons they have. All aspiration rewards will be deleted.

Need Bars

Q: Why isn't my Sim gaining Fun while watching TV?
A: Sims gain Fun only if they watch a channel they like. Children watch KidzTube, teenagers watch SimStation Dance, and everyone else watches SBN.

Q: My Sim has gone Platinum, but my need bars haven't changed. What should I do?
A: When a Sim goes Platinum, its mood is ARTIFICIALLY maxed out. You'll still have to deal with the need bars, or the Sim will be in a fairly bad mood once Platinum wears off.


Q: Can my Sims have relationships with NPCs?
A: Yes, any and all NPCs from the maid to the mailman can be chatted with. They can then become lovers, and even marry into families.

Q: Do NPCs grow older?
A: They do, but only when they're in a player's house. In other words, no one will be marrying Amy the Papergirl, because she'll never get old enough to be married.

Q: Do NPCs have their own friends?
A: All NPCs do indeed have their own network of friends, and will bring them all if it gets married into the family.


Q: I want to draw a portrait with my Sim in a specific pose, but when I choose Paint Portrait, the Sim stands up and breaks the pose. How can I fix this?
A: Instead of choosing Paint Portrait, use the Paint Still Life command.

Q: How do I make a masterpiece painting or great novel?
A: Masterpieces and great novels are randomly determined after making any given painting or novel when your Sim has a 10 in Creativity. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.

Q: If I sell a painting, can another family buy it for their own house?
A: No. As soon as you choose to sell a painting (be it through Buy Mode or the Sell interaction), it's fully removed from the game.

Q: Why are my aspiration rewards backfiring?
A: Because your Sims are using them with bad aspiration meters. Don't have a Sim use an aspiration reward unless its aspiration meter is gold or platinum.

Q: My alarm clock is set to the wrong time now that my Sim is promoted, and it goes off when it shouldn't!
A: Reset the clock like you set it in the first place. Just have the Sim click it and choose Set For Work.


Q: I've heard a rumor that male Sims can get pregnant. Is this true?
A: Er… yeah, but they won't get pregnant by other Sims. If a male Sim observes via a telescope enough times, he may get abducted by aliens and get impregnated with an alien child. I really think Maxis has too much time on its hands.

Q: How can I tell that a Sim is pregnant?
A: After a couple tries for a baby, if the female does get pregnant, a line from "Rock a Bye Baby" will play. A pregnant Sim (male or female) will have morning sickness for the next couple days after initially getting pregnant, then will start growing a larger stomach.

Q: How long does pregnancy last?
A: About four or five days from the Try For Baby command, and about three days from the first stomach increase.

Q: Can my Sim have twins?
A: Yes, but it's a thin chance.

Q: Can I control the gender of my Sim's baby?
A: No way. It's a coin flip. The rumor that you can determine it by whichever Sim initiates the Try For Baby command is untrue.

Q: Can teenagers get pregnant?
A: Teenagers cannot get pregnant; they can't even Woo Hoo for that matter.

Q: Can my Sims get pregnant out of marriage?
A: Yes. For that matter, a female Sim can get pregnant by a male Sim who doesn't live with her.

Q: Can elder Sims get pregnant?
A: Elder females cannot give birth, so they lose the ability to get pregnant roughly 3 to 5 days prior to hitting that mark. Elder males, however, can still impregnate adult females.


Q: How can I get Sims to have sex?
A: Have two unrelated Sims of different genders both use the Relax… command on a double bed. Once they're both relaxing, one Sim should be able to try the Woo Hoo command on the other, provided the relationship is strong enough. (You can also execute a Woo Hoo command in Jacuzzis.)

Q: How can I get Sims to marry or move in with each other?
A: Provided the relationship is strong enough, a standard social interaction should be available that says Propose…, and then you can choose Marriage or Move In depending on what you're going for.

Q: Can Sims get divorced?
A: Yes, just have one Sim choose the Break Up social interaction to his or her spouse. The receiver of the command will be ejected from the lot.

Q: Can Sims have affairs?
A: Yes, and if there are no witnesses, then they can get away clean. However, because of the network of friends, any witness that mutually knows both the cheater and victim may end up tattling. So, if you tell your Sims to do this, be careful of who's watching.

Q: Can teenagers have romantic interactions with each other?
A: Yes, but teenagers cannot Woo Hoo. They also cannot move into others' houses, although they can stay the night.

Q: Can Sims be homosexuals?
A: Yes, but you'll have to show them how to be. Sims are naturally heterosexual or non-sexual, it seems.

Q: Can homosexuals be married?
A: Technically yes. You can have two homosexuals "joined," which I guess is not marriage, but it's everything marriage is. They're even recognized as spouses then by the family tree thing. That's executed with the Propose… social interaction.

Q:I play sims 2 pets on ps2, and i cannot figure out how to get to the town square??
Source: Cheat Codes & FAQ for The Sims 2: Pets PS2 + Tips Hints Chea...
Q:I don't need an answer ASAP but, I need an answer how do I get someone to fall in love with?? Everytime I try they just become best friends. I also do know you can have babies but, I don't know how.

How can others play my sims?
Source: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Stagecast sims cannot be played stand-alone. Users can either play the sims online using the free Stagecast Web Player or on their computer using the Stagecast Creator or Player application. If you have a web site, you can post your sims on the site with the help of the publish feature in Stagecast Creator. When users go to your sim's web page, they can use the free Stagecast Web Player to play your sim.

Q:How do you get a bigger park on the sims 2 pets???
Source: Cheat Codes & FAQ for The Sims 2: Pets PS2 + Tips Hints Chea...
plz help?'>My sism wants to discover a comet how do you do that I have a telescope and have been abducted by aliens twice but I can't discover a comet Q:Where do the strays come from? Coz I have to take one in to achieve a goal and I've never seen a stray or the microchip at all!

Q:Can my pets have jobs in the PS2 version?
Source: Cheat Codes & FAQ for The Sims 2: Pets PS2 + Tips Hints Chea...
It's a great game?'>Is there another way how to get money and aren't the puppies and kitties just so cute!

Q:How can I purchase The Sims 2 Mobile?
Source: - Mobile Help FAQ
Right now, The Sims 2 Mobile can only be purchased through selected carriers. Please check with your cell-phone provider to see whether or not The Sims 2 Mobile is available. Absolutely not. All versions of The Sims 2 Mobile are meant to stand on their own.

What is The Sims 2 Seasons?
Source: The Sims 2 Seasons - Frequently Asked Questions - Electronic...
Announced December 2006, The Sims 2 Seasons is the 5th expansion pack for The Sims 2 series. This expansion doesn't just add the popular community request of weather to your sims everyday lives, now they can experience all the seasons (or only some of them if you choose) in any order you wish. Perhaps you want your sims to live in perpetual winter, or maybe you'd prefer them to have two seasons of Spring followed by two seasons of Autumn, the choice will be yours.

What's the Sims 2?
Source: Around the Sims 2 | FAQ
It's the latest simulation game of Maxis, where you can manage virtual people. Build their houses, choose their look, make them happy or not. Fill their desires or see their fears become true, it's up to you. To learn more about it, have a look at the official Sims 2 site or at Aspyr site, if you're a Mac user.

Q. How do I play PS2 games from another region online on my region PS2?
Source: Ultimate PS2 FAQ - XTREME-SOURCE
The short answer is you can't. The long answer is you can, but it's a pain. First you'd need to download Paradox's Console ID Changer: SKS Apps Then you'd need to find a valid PS2/ilink ID for the region you wish to play online games with. These ID's are hard to come by, if any online servers detect multiple Console ID's online at the same time, you will be banned permanently. This isn't like getting kicked off for an hour because of cheating or using a modchip, this is for good.

Q:Ive got sims on ps2 the the pet wont move only the sim will,how do i make the pet move?
Source: Cheat Codes & FAQ for The Sims 2: Pets PS2 + Tips Hints Chea...
Q:I find it really easy to look after my dog. I have a cat, but that's in another family. With my two families, i only have me and 1 pet. When i'm playing, I feed my dog/cat and all, but its SOCIAL is always down! How do I keep it up without having to spend ages doing stuff to it that doesn't even put its SOCIAL up? I've tried taking to the Town Square, but it hardly talks to the other pets! Please help me!

What are the cheats for The Sims 2 Seasons?
Source: The Sims 2 Seasons - Frequently Asked Questions - Electronic...
Note: Some of the information in this FAQ comes from the EA websites and their technical knowledge database. This FAQ is intended to support the PC Sims 2 expansion pack called The Sims 2 Seasons; for more information on other Sims 2 expansion packs and titles available, see homepage.

Q. I want to play PS2 games off an IDE Hard Drive with a slimline PS2. Is that possible?
Source: Ultimate PS2 FAQ - XTREME-SOURCE
Yes- if you have a v.12 or 13 PS2. HD Connect is an IDE connector soldered to your slim PS2's motherboard which allows you to connect an IDE HD and play games off the Hard Drive. To do so, you will need a DMS 4 Pro SE modchip. HD Combo is a similar product which also runs off the DMS 4 Pro SE. A premodded DMS 4 Pro SE with HD Combo sells for around $270. Using ToxicOS, you're able to load games off the HD, like you would with a fat PS2. The solder points for HDConnect have been removed on the v.

Q:What are the connected features of The Sims 2 Mobile?
Source: - Mobile Help FAQ
A:With The Sims 2 Mobile Connected Edition, you'll be able to choose your player Sim from among tens of thousands of Sims available on the Sims Exchange. You can do this from the Download-a-Sim options within the game itself, or by browsing the Sims exchange on the Sims 2 website and selecting a compatible Sim to add as your "On-Deck Sim".

Q:How do I register my copy of The Sims 2 Mobile?
Source: - Mobile Help FAQ
A:Well, if you're already a registered player of the PC version of The Sims 2, just log in to and you're already half-way there! However, If you don't have an account for the Sims 2 website, you will to create one. Fortunately, it's very easy - here's what you do:

Q. Do I need some type of mod to play PS2 backups or imports?
Source: Ultimate PS2 FAQ - XTREME-SOURCE
Yes- You cannot boot PS2 backups without a modification, either a software mod or hardware mod!!! Do not ask about this in the forums!!! You need a modchip: Lord Sesshomaru's PS2 Modchip FAQ Swap Magic: Welcome to Swap Magic 3 Official Web Site Memory Card Exploit (Doesn't work with v.11 PS2 and later): How to make your own Memory Card Exploit using the Independence Installer HD Loader: or

Q. Should I get Swap Magic or a modchip to play PS2 backups/imports?
Source: Ultimate PS2 FAQ - XTREME-SOURCE
Depends. Swap Magic is inexpensive and works well. It isn't compatible with DVD-9 games. For games above 4.38GB's you may have to rebuild the iso or do a TOC refresh to boot it. This is a small percentage of games, around 5%. In general Swap Magic 3.6 is an excellent product. After rebuilding there isn't a single game which Swap Magic won't boot. A good modchip is the ultimate upgrade. It'll play PSX/PS2/DVD/CD backups/imports automatically.

Q. Can I play PS2 games on my PC with an emulator?
Source: Ultimate PS2 FAQ - XTREME-SOURCE
Yes: Emulators - NG Emulation source for Xbox, GBA, Nintendo 64, PSP, Nintendo DS and more! Hold on there speedy. First you'd need to find the PS2 bios via Google. Then you'd have to configure the plugins to get your games to load. There in lies the problem. There is little support and even less functionality for PS2 emulators. Most only load demos, and freeze when attempting to load a whole iso. In short, not worth it unless you're really desperate.

Q. Screw the PS2, I wanna play PSX games on my PC, where can I find emulators for that?
Source: Ultimate PS2 FAQ - XTREME-SOURCE
Emulators - NG Emulation source for Xbox, GBA, Nintendo 64, PSP, Nintendo DS and more! These are a lot more doable IF: You find the PSX bios. For copyright purposes think Google. Then you have to have a reasonably powerful PC, let's say with around 512MB's of RAM. Then you have to configure the audio, video, and CD-ROM plug ins. These will differ greatly from game to game. Mix, match, and google are your friends once again. The two most stable PSX emulators seem to be PSXeven or ePSXe.

What are the new features in The Sims 2 Seasons?
Source: The Sims 2 Seasons - Frequently Asked Questions - Electronic...
Head outdoors for year-round fun with your Sims! New seasonal activities await your Sims including snowball fights, chasing fireflies, jumping in leaf piles, and more. Strengthen family ties in Winter, let romance bloom in Spring, deepen the bonds of friendship in Summer, or fast-track your career in Fall.

Are there Sims 2 objects to download?
Source: Sexy Sims 2 - FAQ: Sims 2 FAQ
First of all, the Sims 2 has just been released. Second, it takes time to figure out the code, which is far more complex than the first game. So, currently, while our greatest minds sift through the code, there are no Sim 2 objects yet - they haven't been created and there are no tools yet to do so. It could take weeks, months or even close to a year before such things are available. Remember, modding is done in people's free time, which is precious.

How do you make clothes for the sims 2?
Source: Curious Sims
Everyone has their own way of making clothes so try looking for tutorials around the sims community and all I can say is don't give it.

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Number of posts : 494
Age : 57
Location : In A World of My Own Making-a sim world
Humor : Silly and sometimes sly
Registration date : 2008-07-17

PostSubject: Re: Q & A   Fri Feb 13, 2009 12:18 pm

This is from CrazySims2Fan's site! I thought it was adorable, and thought you might all love to read through it. Here's link to site:

Q-Can a mother have twins or triplets?

-twin yes. triplets are extremelly rare

Q-Can you have an affair with bella

-Yes you can. but watch for mortimer

Q-do pregnant women get morning sickness?


Q-Why did Bella marry Mortimer?

-he was her brother's best friend

Q-Can we have some screen shots of Bella and her grown-up family

-coming soon

Q-Is the Goth Residence the same?

-no it is larger and much better. Bella has been prmoted a few times and they got more $$$

Q-what will the rating be for this game?

-we are aiming for a T rating

Q-Can we buy a wig for Bob Newby?

-no but a hat you can

Q-Does Bella still wear that sexy, charismatic dress?

-yes and the new one has many more polygons...

Q-how will a sims woman know shes pregnant?

-morning sickness

Q-Will the Goths have relatives considering there will be a family tree? Does Bella have a single sister?

-yes we will know more about the Goth

Q-is there really goin to be a community lot for the sims?

-Yes. you can go there from their house

Q-Can Bob Newbie work out and get some abs? Or is he always fat?

-he could get fit. he does not seem to want though

Q-will a pregnant sim's belly grow in size?

-Yes! and yes

Q-has the goths house changed?

-Yes the game can build a much better house for them now. it is still a little crippy though

Q-Can my sims visit Bella in Bella's house??


Q-Will there be a grim reaper?


Q-Are sims attracted to other 'fit' sims?

-based on their personality

Q-Can sim kids move out when their adults?


Q-is the grim reaper scarier?

-No he is a nice guy and he will take you for a ride

Q-Will Servo be around??

-Nope. Servo's batteries fully discharged and he did not make it in Sims 2

Q-can you put your child up for adoption if you do not want them?

-Yes. and the social worker is really cute by the way!

Q-Will babies really puke?


Q-will you be writing tutorials on how to create new body meshes, or something?


Q-How old is Casandra in the new game?

-She is a teen

Q-Will Cassandra turn into a bratty teen like me? :)


Q-what kind of interactions would adults have with babies?

-They have to teach them things, like walking

Q-how long is it before a pregnant sim will have her baby?

-2-3 Sims days

Q-Is this game totally 3D?


Q-Will there be cheat codes in TS2 like our beloved rosebud, or will we not be able to be lazy anymore?

-rosebud will work.

Q-Do they have to potty train there kids


Q-What happens if your child isnt taught to walk??

-they figure it out as they grow up.

Q-Will the police and fireman still walk to the house?


Q-Will Bella or Mortimer look different?

-Yes. they look way better.

Q-will sims be able to know that there 2nd cousins or 3rd cousins are related to them? And will they have a specific family feature?

-yes relatives matter.

Q-how long is a life cycle? or at least tell us how long one of the stages is.... please?

-Babies are only 2-3 sims days

Q-Will Sims have cars?

-I don't think so, but there is a chance

Q-Will there be a Sims 3

-only if everyone buys Sims 2

Q-Will Cassandra Goth still have glasses on when she get older,or will they remove somehow?

-Glasses are accesories.

Q-is it true that we will be able to record full fledged video footage of our sims having events happen to them?


Q-will Bella be able to sneeze and cough now in the sims 2????????

-if she is sick

Q-Can children be punished? As in little Sammie had a raging teen party and her parents found out, could she be yelled at?

-lectured yes.

Q-Can teens cook? Will they be able to Serve Breakfast instead of just having snacks?


Q-If sims are they relize it?and vice versa?

-Yes. they have aspirations like being rich

Q-will there be multiple neighborhoods? how many houses are in the neighborhood?

-Yes. we will ship with 3. a neighborhood can have at least 50 houses. we will not fill them however. The Sims exchange will allow you to get some from the site

Q-Will sims have astological signs???


Q-will any of the houses included in the game be furnished?


Q-can pregnant sims "play" while they are pregnant?

-I think so. pregnancy is not a sickness.

Q-Will there still be little picture bubbles above a Sims head when they speak?

-yes. now in color

Q-If one sim flushes the toilet when another sim is in the shower will he/she get scorched?

-Yes if it is a cheap shower

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