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 Some Wonderful Creators You've Got to See--SapphireSims2!

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PostSubject: Some Wonderful Creators You've Got to See--SapphireSims2!   Fri Mar 20, 2009 8:57 am

I have saved my favorite creators for this time. In this Site we have the best of the best in this site-who really need to have recognition. You all probably already know them, and I didn't think I could do them justice here, but here are the ones who create all those beautiful things we get to play with or use in our games!

In most communities there is War going on, but I don't see that in this site. These people are the pearls in the oysters of our sims community! Rare and beautiful!

Anyone with hurt feelings, a bad day, or injuries can find some real sympathy with these gals and guys. They are the ones who will rescue some new stray and bring it into the fold; making this new stray feel like a part of the 'family' There is comradery and fun. There are projects constantly on the board for people to do, and while they are working on projects they are visiting via headphones in Yahoo! But then I get ahead of myself here. I haven't written this before because I didn't think I could do them justice. I can't let their wonderful works go unnoticed--yeah, like you all haven't seen a lot of their works right?

These creators really need no introduction, but I will do so nevertheless! I have been on this site a while, after an absence. But Jafa's coaxing brought me back, along with the friendships I've renewed, as well as the new friends I've made in here. Sadly real life interferes with my time in the past couple of years, and I don't know half of these wonderous creators as I should, but I could not help but have to bring you this site and all the information I feel you really need to know about this area of the sims 2 community. I do apologize ahead of time for my amount of use of the word Wonderful; but that is the one word that encompasses this site, and it's creators!

Here I bring you, the Creators Of
Sapphire Sims 2

Now here is our own GrandDuchessEmerald. She has worked tirelessly to create not only good works, but a lovely working environment. She never hesitates to help you out with whatever you need taught, and is very patient with her 'students' she is teaching. I have learned so much from her, and it has been a joy to know her all these years I've been at ss2.
GrandDuchessEmerald is also a wonderful creator. She makes the most awe-inspiring sims I've ever seen! As well as houses, wall coverings, and lately she has learned how to create new meshes, so she's even more of an inspiration to the rest of us who love this gal deeply, in this family of crazy folk who create for the Sims 2 community.

Powering Down...This fellow is great! He puts his whole heart in his creations, and it shows! He has some wonderful lots, and some unparalelled sims! His creations are something you won't want to miss. He is also the one we turned to in times of crisis You really must check out his stuff here!

Sapphire Star Creator Her name says it all, this gal has helped me out of more scrapes--(problems with the sims stuff) and has been a great leaning post to bounce ideas off of. She has the talent of the outfits and her special sims I adore, plus a keen writing mind that she enjoys putting into books. I admire her kindness, and her sweet heart, and consider her one of my best buddies in the sims community! You will find her works here!

Sapphire Moon Featured Artist Another sweetheart, this one will teach you much that you didn't know! When she isn't chasing her paranormal dreams of discovery, this wonderful lady is teaching us a few things in the sims-as well as showing us that her skills at this craft need no advertising!

Super Moderator's~Imperial Guard Leader~ Sapphire Moon's Story Writer Boy does this little dynamo grab you with her stellar ideas and wonderful stories! (yeah I use that word a lot with this gang!) She has made several challenges that go along with her stories-so folks get really excited about doing them! Her creations amaze everyone! She is such a talent! How about you see for yourself here at her link?

Sapphire Moon Star Creator Wonderful creator, I met this talent when I made up my Twilight Challenge, and her creations amazed me so much!!! You really need to see her stuff-just go right here and click on her link! you'll be glad you did! Amazing, eh? And what a sunny personality! A wonderful new friend here!

Sapphire Moon Star Creator Claire is a mesh talent you will admire greatly! She has made so many beautiful things for the sims you will be amazed! She has traveled afar, and brought many of her finds back to share with us-when you see her things you will see all the care she puts in every work-check her area here!

Admin ~Can't stop a tigger from bouncing~This gal does everything! She makes meshes, creates new things, makes tutorials, brings up interesting stories to entertain and amaze you; plus plays a mean game of paintball with the kids (lol had to add that) in her back yard! You really must take a look at her creations-you will be happy that you did! I love her works!

Sapphire Moon Featured Artist She is a sweet natured creator, who happens to have a great talent for stuff she creates. She has made sims as well as the wonderful meshes she has also shared with everyone-on top of the tutorials she also has shared with all of us. You really need to check out her stuff-right here!

Sapphire Star Creator A creative talent you will just have to see! I love her works, and the word wonderful comes up when you see this gal's name too! I think she has such talent for her creations I enjoy looking them up just to see what new thing she has come up with now! You can see her works here!

Sapphire Moon Featured Artist A mesher we have all come to depend on for his wonderful wonderful meshes! He is az amazing mesher and we are so glad-and lucky-to have this guy among us! You really must check out all his wonderful meshes--you can find them all here!

VIP Although unable to be online as much as she would wish, her fun nature and adventurous spirit have brought plenty of fun to the site. She has had some wonderful ideas, stories, and you will enjoy them too, right here

Sapphire Moon Star Creator --you really need to see this kiddo's stuff to appreciate it! I love all of it, and scope the site when I get a chance to find new stuff. Guardgian always has some new and refreshing goodies to show off for us in site! Check out and see what's the newest- here

Administrator She basically keeps it together, plotting what goes where, and what new downloads should be in this site! She coaxed me to bring my creations back here after my absence. You will also be happy to know that her creations are breathtaking- you really need to come check them out over at this link!

Super Moderator's~Imperial Guard Leader~ Sapphire Moon Featured Artist ` Pam has super creation skills, and a great eye for detail. She has quite the talent, and I love her stuff! You will too once you see them-go right here and check them out!

Sapphire Featured Artist She makes the most beautiful sims and outfits-you will truly be amazed to see! You really ought to check this gal's works out!


Sapphire Star Creator This fellow has some awesome sims up! I love his stuff, and check up to see what new stuff he comes up with! You'll love them too-check out his area here!

Sapphire Star Creator Wonderful wonderful work, this lady's creations never cease to amaze and inspire! You must, really must check out her wonderous works here

Sapphire Moon Star Creator What a great creator-he has stunned us with all his amazing creations! I love them-such imagination and detail brought to each work! Never ceases to amaze me with his new creations!

Harm None
Please Many

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Number of posts : 494
Age : 57
Location : In A World of My Own Making-a sim world
Humor : Silly and sometimes sly
Registration date : 2008-07-17

PostSubject: Re: Some Wonderful Creators You've Got to See--SapphireSims2!   Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:07 am

Reserved to add

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Some Wonderful Creators You've Got to See--SapphireSims2!
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