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PostSubject: Tutes   Thu May 07, 2009 6:57 pm

hi ya skye didnt know where to put this but heres the tute ya gave me to learn in bodyshop a long time ago, I did add to it as I use patterns from a site I found via google lov kazz

* Body Shop Tutorial for Making clothes *

To make an outfit with bodyshop.Using Patterns

1. First you will need to pick out a shirt, some material you want to use for your outfit.
( you can also find patterns via google ). We are making a shirt today, so pick out
the material you wantfor this.Make it bigger,so you will have plenty of detailfor it.
any buttons or zippers you will need must be good enough for this.

2. We will be using Adobe Photoshop Elements for this, yours will be similar.

3. Okay so open bodyshop,then click on create parts + create clothing

4. Pick the outfit you want to make.We'll start with a shirt.
Click on that,then click on the little folder under it ( export )at bottom,
this exportsthe shirt to be worked on.

5.It needs a name.In the box I will write shirt1 ( one word)
and click on the checkmark below.

6. Now you will see the a picture of your shirt on a sim,thfilename and only the
icon will be in bright green this time.

Tip* ( if your making a whole outfit instead of a shirt,then you will have the option of making this
one part of different things as well.
A pajama you could click on the exercise icon and any others to make the outfit any of them
as well .You could click on all of them now and later you will be able to wear them
as everyday,outwear exercise whatever.)

7.Now you will open your paint program,then click "open' and it will ask you where you want
to bring up your pictures fron on the computer.You will needyour shirt/material picture so
bring that up from where you saved it( I save my material on a file on desktop =easier to find)
Then you do this again to find shirt1= shirt in bodyshop.

8. Now you have two shirts up.You will need to have them side by side.

9. Next find your clone tool..on photoshop it is down the left hand side of what you see.
make sure it is on clone stamp tool

10. Now comes the creative part.Whatever you want to start with,you hold Alt down while you click
on what you want to copy==at the same time.
This will save that part of the picture to put on the other one.Now that you have the basics
see what you can create!.

11.You can refer back to see what you have done by first saving your shirt=
click save as then shirt1 make sureit is saved as a bmp ( that is the file all clothing is saved as)
It will ask you if you want to replace the old file.. say yes.
Now click on bodyshop and see that little curved arrow under your shirt?
click on that and it will show you what you have done with your shirt.
You continue with this until you like what you see.

12. When you are happy with what you have created,after you save
and(now close the shirt file) go back to bodyshop,you can now name your shirt whatever you like!
I put my name in it to get credit for it..something like skyes new shirt, then click on the
file under this tab that also says export to game(when you hold the mouse over it).

Another alternative to coloring this outfit:
If you dont like the color of the shirt you can simply recolor it.
You click on the enhance rather than clone tool.
This enhance will bring up'adjust color'and then you click on HUe/saturation.
A box will show up and you can play with that until you are satisfied with color of shirt.
You cant go wrong.
If you mess up on any of this you can always start over again.
You may come up with some way cool designs like this!
When you are done,save the same way I told you before and your done.

Guess what , you have just created a new shirt for yourself,or to share with others.
You can do the same way with jeans,shirts,dresses, make some new Pj,s, athletic outfits
the skys the limit, Have a great time with this.
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PostSubject: Re: Tutes   Fri May 08, 2009 6:44 pm

thanks for bringing this back to me! I lost so much in the woohoosims crash and burn that I'm glad you saved this one!

thanks again!

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