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 Sims 3 Leaked out early!

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PostSubject: Sims 3 Leaked out early!   Wed May 20, 2009 4:32 pm

It appears that a copy of Sims 3 has made it to the internet. If you look on google, it is the high topic going! Here is one link Sims 3

Now I have been accused before of having gotten 'ill gains' pirating the sims 2 games, but I have paid for the games that have graced our house. I didn't like the securom problem so I took my own measures-but I did pay for them-each one! I'm afraid that people pirating these is going to be used against all of us by EA.

While I don't agree with the censor mute of having to go to a "sims store" to get the 'extras' (the ones they USED to give us for free), I do think that pirating these will give EA the incentive to do something worse than securom in the future!!!

I will put up a rant area-folks always need a place to 'vent' don't they? LOL

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PostSubject: Re: Sims 3 Leaked out early!   Tue May 26, 2009 6:06 pm

So it's leaked out already? Well, I'm not surprised. People are really excited about this game.
From what I can see in all the sites so far is that people just had a curiosity for it, and most of them had already said they are planning on buying it. So how does EA lose? (I guess from those who can't afford the $50 price tag, kids who haven't gotten their allowance yet! Or closeted simmers who have paid for all the sims 2 games and had to get their computers fixed because of the securom.

Oh yeah, Securom has been reported to be in Sims 3 as well!!!
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Sims 3 Leaked out early!
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