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 Royal Kingdom Challenge-Sims 3 Style!

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PostSubject: Royal Kingdom Challenge-Sims 3 Style!   Thu Jun 17, 2010 3:45 pm

Here is one I found on modthesims....will look for link later so to give credit where it's due! But it was taken by our darlin EnblithTheFair, so not really a worry there, eh? Point being this person went to a lot of effort to alter the rules from sims 2 to sims 3=good job, I think!

Do your Sims have a longing for days gone by? Do they want to shout °Huzzah! Long Live the King and Queen! Do they have a hankering for good old-fashioned servitude? Then it is you duty to transport them back in time several hundred years to live in Good Old Simland! Simland has a King and or Queen that presides over all of their loyal subjects. It's up to you to make the strongest Royal family that you can. The fate of the Kingdom depends of you!
Discuss your tips and strategies and any need for help here!
The Goal: The point of this challenge is to make a themed neighborhood with a royal family, nobility, merchants, and peasants/farmers and reach 5 generations.

* To begin you must make a new neighborhood and turn off story progression unless you get lemmy and blinky's Indie Stone Story Progression Mod which you can find here
* Make 1 King and Queen for your royal family in CAS
* Make 3 or less families that will become the Noble class
* Make 2 or less families that will be the Merchant class
* Make 3 or less families that will be the Peasant class
* You may not use any cheats except where specified

* Rules for the Royal Family All money cheats are acceptable
* You may use cheats for building their castle
* You may download a castle for the royal family is you donít want to build one
* The first-born son of the current King and Queen will become the heir to the throne and must never move out of the house
* The heir to the throne may only marry a Sim from the royal family or the Nobel class, but they may have lovers of any class (They can marry as close a relation as the game allows)
* The heir to the throne must be the legitimate son of both the king and the queen.
* Women of the royal family are not permitted to have a job or live alone
* Non-heir Peasants may move in as servants to cook and clean

* Rules for The Noble Class You may use the motherlode cheat only two times
* You may use cheats for building purposes only
* The first-born son will be the family heir and must never move out of the house * The HEIRS may not marry below their status
* Women are not permitted to have a job
* Only one life fruit is allowed per Sim
* Non-heir Peasants may move in as servants to cook and clean

* Rules for The Merchant Class You may use the motherlode cheat only one time
* You may use cheats for building purposes only
* Although the eldest son traditional becomes the heir, if the eldest becomes enemy°¶s with his father, any of the children may inherit their father's house and fortune
* The heir must never move out of the house
* The HEIRS can't marry below their status
* Only single women may have jobs
* Only one life fruit is allowed per Sim

* Rules for The Peasant Class You may not use any cheats (except for building purposes only)
* Anyone and everyone is encouraged to have a job since they will have very little money
* Although the eldest son traditional becomes the heir, any of the children may inherit their father's house and fortune
* The heir must never move out of the house
* Since they are the lowest rank, peasants may marry anyone but royalty.
* You may not use the life fruit on a peasant since they generally would not live as long anyway
* The only service NPC they are allowed to hire is the babysitter

* General Rules Unless otherwise specified you may not use any cheats. No mood or aspiration cheats and no hacks that alter a Sims mood, personality, aspiration etc.
* Use the randomize button to pick traits.
* To avoid confusion try to stop your Sims from having an affair until after the heir is born
* Since reliable birth control was not used in the old days, you must choose "try for baby" each time your Sims woohoo.
* Women always take the status of their husbands so make sure it is always the man who proposes
* Illegitimate children below Royalty will take on their mother's class
* You should assign a hair color to each Class for the townies so you know which class they belong to (example: All townies with red hair could be considered of the merchant class). However since Townies do not have a family tree they are less respectable and should not belong to the Royal or Nobel class
* NPC's are servants so they may only marry Sims from the merchant class or lower
* You may use move_Objects on only to decorate and move Sims if they get stuck or there is a glitch
* You are encouraged to use custom content that fits the neighborhood theme. Pick a theme and try to make your neighborhood fit that theme as much as possible.
* Try to use only objects that fit within the theme, this means no TVs, computers, etc. if you are doing a historical theme for your neighborhood. You may however use objects in the small electronics section such as fire alarms. You may also use the smallest stereo in the Royal and Nobility houses since they would have had paid musicians to play for them at dinners and parties.(If you have to have a TV, there are custom made TVís available that look like something else, like a painting or crystal ball)
* You may not delete gravestones
* You may use all reward objects unless stated differently. If doing a historical theme, try to hide any modern looking rewards in a basement or attic.
* Hacks and mods are allowed for the purpose of making the neighborhood more historical accurate and Hacks and/or mods that make the game easier are not permitted. Lemmy and Blinkyís Indie story progression mod is allowed. You can use that instead of turning off story progression but make sure to set the setting so that they donít marry and stuff on their own. AwesomeMod is also allowed I never used it so I don't know what all the features are but don't use any features that would make the challenge easier or give you an unfair advantage.

* Career limitations: Royalty would be limited to Jornalism, Science, Politics, Military and Music.
* Nobles are the same as Royals * Merchants are limited to Business, Medical, Politics, Science, and Culinary
* Peasants would be limited to Criminal, Medical, Military,Culinary
* ONE child of each class per generation (not per house, only per generation) could go to ANY job.

* OPTIONS If medieval isn't your style you could also play this challenge with another theme such as Renaissance, Regency, Victorian, or fantasy.
* You can add a church/monastery or abbey to you neighborhood that you can send Sims to that you don't want to marry.If your using Lemmy and Blinkyís mod you must make the settings so that they never marry and you may want to check up on them once and a while. * You can start the first King and Queen as young adults * To keep track of who belongs to what class you can have each class have a specific hair or skin color (ex. all peasants could have brown hair or green skin).
* You can add one household for the town witch or wizard. The heir to that family would have no cheat restrictions and could join the science career track but would otherwise have to live by the rest of the peasant rules.
* If you canít decide which theme to choose, try advancing the time period every one or two generations. Then you could start at medieval, then renaissance, colonial, regency, victorian etc. If you find the custom content for it you could even start with an ancient period like Egyptian or Roman.

* You can make ghosts if you want them. However, Iím not sure how ghosts age but remember that an heir to a family cannot inherit their parents place until they are dead or dead again or whatever. Also with the quickly growing population, you don't want to many Sims hanging around far longer than their regular life span. SO you might want to use the ghost feature sparingly if they age differently. *A Nobel or Royal Sim should not marry a Sim of unknown parentage. A good bloodline is very important.
* Gravestones can be moved to the graveyard however there needs to be a separate section for each class
* Only the Royal and Nobel classes are allowed to have carriages (Cars) but they must have a garage to make them less discreet
*NO AMBROSIA for anyone other than the Royal family.

* Count up all the points when you reach 5 generations. If you keep track of points you must play by all the rules, but you donít have use the scoring system. Please be honest.
* 1 point for each generation reached
* 10 points if every heir for all classes is the first born son. *See below
* 1 point for each lifetime wish fufilled
* 1/4 point for each family friend the royal family has
* 2 points for each heir to the throne who marries another royal
* 1 point for each sim that has all the reward things.
* 1 point for each different color ghost you have on the lot
* 1/2 point for each set of natural triplets
* 1 points if you manage to collect ALL the different types of ghosts on a lot
* -2 point for each Sim that was purposely killed
* -1 point for each Sim that marries below his or her status
* -1 point for each infant, toddler or child that gets taken by the Social Worker

*If you want to make a society run by women then you get the point is all heirs are first born daughter

Remember, this challenge is very flexible so it can fit your personal tastes. With this challenge you can unite all the families in a neighborhood and give it some sort of structure and goal. If you are not playing for points feel free to bend the rules a bit to fit your playing style, but don't be afraid to try something different then you normally do!
Taken from Fanciful Sims.

If I missed editing something than please tell me. Also, any suggestions are welcome.
Last edited by EmilyJud : 10th Jul 2009 at 05:00 AM.
19th Jul 2009, 03:29 PM # 2
Test Subject

Join Date: Apr 2009
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When you say purposley killed, does that include murder? I was planning to have the Royal Chef kill off the King( not sure how just yet maybe refusing to cook). Also, I think that Royalty should be limited to Political and Military( I've never heard about a king inventing anything, or playing music for people).
Last edited by Simmahollic : 20th Jul 2009 at 01:45 AM.
19th Jul 2009, 07:23 PM # 3
Test Subject
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How do you start a new neighborhood in Sims 3? Do you just use an unplayed one?

20th Jul 2009, 01:42 AM # 4
Test Subject

Join Date: Apr 2009
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you could download the empty towns (Sunset Valley/Riverview Emptied by Flabaliki)
you can find it here on the site.

21st Jul 2009, 06:43 PM # 5
Test Subject
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Posts: 8

Problems with the jobs - the game keeps hijacking my sims and shoehorning them into jobs to fill the place of the NPCs. Only a problem because Noble women and married merchants can't get jobs. The jobs also take the girls out of thew house during the day when I'm trying to marry them off. Solution?

13th Feb 2010, 11:47 PM # 6
Test Subject
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Sounds fun! If the storyprogression is off, does that only mean, that sims won't get married by themselves etc.?

1st Jun 2010, 12:52 AM # 7
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sounds like fun! does anyone know where I could get a castle?

1st Jun 2010, 05:36 PM # 8
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2nd Jun 2010, 12:32 PM # 10
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just my two cents, i'm thinking this might be fun, but one thing to add, i actually have a whole world of fantasy / medieval theme, everything in it, lots and what not, are medieval, so if you want that here it is, it's called ""Broken Heart Island"" link is "" ""

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Royal Kingdom Challenge-Sims 3 Style!
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