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 Anniversary Day-the 26th

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PostSubject: Anniversary Day-the 26th   Mon Aug 30, 2010 3:30 pm

I'm going on about this, but am very excited here! Today marks the first anniversary of myself and my husband! So happy just had to share!!!

And to go into it further, and share, here is our story...I am going to make it into a story (once I figure out that 'save' thing for the youtube videos-just can't figure it out-how to save, or what program to use to do it!)

Much Love to all my friends here who have made me feel so welcome. Nice to have a happy ending to it all!!!


When I was about 14 I began going to the Ontario Skating Rink, in Ontario, Oregon, and it was there I met my sweetheart.

Bob Vance worked at this rink. He was my age, and one of the boys who helped with the skates, fixed and handed out these skates. He also refereed those who were skating around the rink.

I thought Bob was the cutest boy in the rink, and I tagged along he & his pals so I could learn all those neat tricks they knew. It was a great excuse to get to know this handsome young fellow I thought so much of. When I skated alongside him we had no problem talking either-we just talked on & on like old friends.

One day, while talking and skating along, the announcement came “couples only” and Bob reached down grabbed my hand as if it were the most natural thing in the world, and we continued skating on. I was so thrilled because my heart had found my first love.

We went out to the rink, but we also terrorized the movie theaters as well. We’d go in & get to spend two hours just goofing around with he & his pals. And they were usually spooky movies we watched. There we had the excuse of holding hands & Bob getting to scare me every chance he got.

We also called each other, and talked with each other most days. We never seemed to run out of things to say-had a blast!

The only problem we had was we were both very shy. Too shy of showing the feelings we really had for each other. So we didn’t get that first kiss with each other. His friends, my friends, my younger sister-we were too shy to get that kiss because we were embarrassed to do anything in front of those companions.

I didn’t know what was wrong with me that he didn’t want to kiss me. Even when my folks had included him in one of our camping trips-we spent more time with him chasing me (& my sisters) with a dead snake than anything romantic.

When I returned his tennis shoes he’d forgotten behind that trip, I even wrote “Kiss me you fool” on them. I just didn’t realize that he was as shy as I was!

A terrible incident finally separated us. This fellow who liked me couldn’t accept that I liked Bob, and I was told by someone I had thought a friend that Bob had gotten a severe beating by this other boy, and that Bob had Said he never wanted to see or to hear from me ever again. He hated me, the boy had said.

I was devastated by this, felt like a part of my heart had been ripped out. That part of me stayed locked away, never to be touched by anyone ever again.

I saw Bob again when we were 18, and although I finally got that kiss from him-we were still too shy, and lost track of each other again. Except I heard he’d gotten married. That was really hard to hear.

June 2009 I’m goofing around on my myspace page, checking my requests, when I see a message in my inbox. It’s from Bob’s daughter Corian, and she is the one who connects us together again by asking me about those tennis shoes. At first I told her I didn’t remember the shoes. She told me in the next message that her dad had been telling her and her brother about a Penny Garner from Fruitland, Idaho-all the stories about the good times he’d had with her. Bob Vance was his name; and she apologized if this was the wrong Penny, and she would not bother me again.

When she wrote me his name was Bob Vance I freaked out! I told her yes I knew this guy, then asked all about him. She said he had six grandchildren, he’d been in Grand View, Idaho--just sixty miles away all this time! And that if I wanted to I could find his phone number in the phone book, if I wanted to talk to him.

Boy DID I! Nervous, I finally got a hold of him, and we talked a long time, and that weekend he came to my house.

Everything was just like old times with us, as if 30 years had never gone by, and many parts of our lives had paralleled each other. Some of it scary close! We each had a son first, then a daughter. We both had daughters who were having a child that month. We both had had horrid marriages that had ended in divorce.

He had Not hated me, as I had been told, but had actually never stopped thinking of me, had shared all those stories about us with his two kids.

We spent each night on the phone together, as well as each weekend-from then on; and have just gotten married on August 26, 2009, having decided it was too hard to be apart from each other any longer.

We’re very happy with this love we share, that started with two 14 year olds, 30 years ago. I hope that our happy ending will bring a smile, as well as a ray of hope to others.

Thank you for listening to my happy love story.


Penny and Bob Vance

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Anniversary Day-the 26th
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