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 CEP, And SimPE, information for Creators

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PostSubject: CEP, And SimPE, information for Creators   Sat Sep 06, 2008 11:06 pm

This information I found here by Kate. I found it very informative.

What is the CEP and where do I get it?
Kate answers:

What is the CEP?

The Color Enabled Package program is a small utility that 'tweaks' Maxis items to make them clonable and recolourable. This allows the custom items made by community creators to work with The Sims 2. The program was developed and created by Numenor, RGiles and Quaxi - if you need help using the CEP or have questions about it please refer to the official support thread at ModTheSims2. You can also subscribe to the updates forum to receive news of updates to the CEP.

Does all Sims 2 custom content require the CEP?

No - the CEP is needed for custom furniture, so if you download either


Custom objects

Houses which contain custom objects

You will need the CEP installed.

You do NOT need the CEP for


Clothing, Genetics or Make-Up

Walls, Floors & Terrain Paints

Houses that DO NOT contain custom objects

Where do I get the CEP?

You can download the CEP either from ModTheSims2 or from the SimPE CEP homepage:-==it is found here

The program is free, it is also quite small! There are different files to download, if you have a PC you need the first one, if you have a Mac you need the last one. The file is zipped so you need to extract it from the zip, you can extract it to anywhere on your machine, then double click on the extracted file to install it. Simply follow the on screen instructions. You do not need to be registered at ModTheSims2 in order to download the file, however if you have trouble getting it you can try the alternative download site at the SimPE CEP homepage.

Do I need to install it every time I add new content?

No, you will only need to install the CEP again when it is updated and when you install a new Expansion Pack. If you wish to be notified of updates to the CEP please subscribe to the update thread at ModTheSims2 (you must be registered to use this feature). It is a good idea to update your copy of the CEP when new features are added as this will give your game the best support for custom content, regardless of which expansion packs you have.

Is there a Mac version?

Yes, if you're downloading from MTS2, make sure to choose the last download link (see above) - this version is also available at the SimPE CEP homepage.

And if I have a problem with the CEP what should I do?

All support queries and issues for the CEP are dealt with at ModTheSims2 - there is a Frequently Asked Questions thread which covers all the usual issues, otherwise post the issue you are having in the forum there. We are not able to provide support for the CEP as we did not create the program and have no idea how to fix any problems with it!

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Number of posts : 494
Age : 57
Location : In A World of My Own Making-a sim world
Humor : Silly and sometimes sly
Registration date : 2008-07-17

PostSubject: Re: CEP, And SimPE, information for Creators   Sat Sep 06, 2008 11:07 pm

SimPE is found here:

About SimPE
…build your World

Objekt Vorschau SimPE is an Editor especially designed for modding The Sims 2. Whatever you want to change in your Game, SimPE can do it.

It can perform simple tasks like tweaking your Neighborhoods, as well as more complex Operations, like Creating new Objects.

While it is a powerfull Tool, SimPE is absolutely free and largely based on Community work.

…build your Sims

Sims Nachbarschaft SimPE has all you need to edit your Neighborhoods and the Sims that live there. No matter if you want to Build new Family Ties, or just want to improve the Skills of a Sim. SimPE can do it.

Family Ties

SimPE ships with a brand new Family Ties Editor, which is way more useable than the one you may know from the classic GUI.

Sim Description The Sim Description Editor is as easy to use. All the Important aspects of your Sim can be edited from there, and if you find that a Value is missing, you can open an Extended View, which lists every last Field stored in a Sim Description Rersource.

SimPE also offers an Easy way to browse your Existing Neighbrohoods and the Sims that live in them. You’ll find them in the Tools->Neighborhhod Menu.

…build your Things

Scenegrapher Always wanted to see your Favorite Object in a diffrent Color? Or figured you would like to create your own unique Object? SimPE has all the Tools you need.

ObjectWorkshop ObjectWorkshop (invented by Numenor and RGiles) is the Plugin you use to accomplish that. It is the starting point for every Recolor and Cloned Object you want to make reality.

After you Create your new Objects/Recolors, you can use the Scenegrapher plugin to check for the most common Mistakes. Recolors

If everything is as it should be, you can Preview your Object in 3D. SimPE can also show you a preview for each Color Option an Object has.

The Application Wizards of SimPE is the easiest Way to create Color Options, it only takes 5 clicks to create a new Recolor using WOS.

All Recolors created by SimPE are based on the CEP (created by Numenor and RGiles). That means you are unlikley to run into Conflicts with other Content Creators that Recolored the same Object, and it even saves your Server some Traffic, as using the CEP generally decreases the Size of the resulting package.

…scan your World

Scan Folders But the abilities of SimPE go way beyond the plain Editing of Sim related Files and Objects. It ships with a Plugin called Scan Folder, which you can use to Maintain all your Downloads, find some faulty packages (including Neighborhoods) and Fix them.

The Scan Folders Plugin can also Change the Categories of your Skin/Clothing Files, or create Replacements for the default Skin Tones based on any Skin you like.
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CEP, And SimPE, information for Creators
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