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 Basic Simantics Modding Tutorial, by Carrigon

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PostSubject: Basic Simantics Modding Tutorial, by Carrigon   Thu Aug 14, 2008 8:13 am

I want you to know, this is not my tutorial. It is by Carrigon, who no longer is able to be among us, here in the sims 2 community. I have this on my computer, but I can't for the life of me recall where I got it. So I am giving her full credit, and sharing her enormous knowledge with you all.

Many people have asked me how to make a hacked object. There was never really an easy answer simply because there are so many things you can do with the codes and so many things to know. What I'm going to do with this tutorial is to teach many lessons packed into one small, simply coded object. I'll explain why the codes work and how you can change them to suit your own needs. I'm giving all of you these codes that I wrote specifically for this tutorial. You can use these codes in your own objects on your own sites, including paysites. All I ask is that you do NOT repost this tutorial anywhere, and it would be nice if you gave me some credit for teaching you how to do this. Also, please do NOT PM me or otherwise bug me if you get stuck or are working on another project. Please just post to the help forum and someone will help you there.
I'm including one Oriental Pottery Maker object and one Oriental vase that it will bring in this tutorial. This object allows a sim to walk to it, do an animation, do a reaction, and have an object either appear on the ground near the sim or have three of them appear in the sim's inventory. It also shows you how to add sound to an object. All very basic codes that you can easily customize for your own needs.
So, to begin, you will need the objects in this tutorial, all the screenshots I'll be adding, and the following: Make a copy of your objects.package file. We'll be working off that to get different codes. I have OFB with FFS installed, so my objects package is found here: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Family Fun Stuff\TSData\Res\Objects
Copy that file and place it someplace safe on your drive. Only work from that file, NOT your original.
You will need the latest copy of SimPe from here:
This tutorial assumes you can already clone an object and put your own meshes into. It doesn't matter if you can't, you can just change the GUIDS on this one and recolor it, since I'm giving it to you. I cloned a Venus Statue to make this. Then I took a plain square table and used that mesh for the base, just a dining table. And I used a vase for the top piece. You can find all kinds of meshes here at a free repository. In fact, many of the objects you've already seen people making have come from this site:
Download this project's tutorial objects here:
This is the file for those using EP's up to OFB:
If using PETS or SEASONS, you will need the updated file from the Dinnerbell thread:
Basic Modding Tutorial at Dinnerbell
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Basic Simantics Modding Tutorial, by Carrigon
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