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 My Sim Tutorial-How I do them

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My Sim Tutorial-How I do them Empty
PostSubject: My Sim Tutorial-How I do them   My Sim Tutorial-How I do them I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 19, 2008 1:36 pm

I have had a few requests for tutorials about how I do my sims. I'll give it a go here.
Beware, I'm a little yap about it LOL

First off, I'm an artist. That means that I've drawn some of these folks, or maybe that I'm crazy for details-not sure which is truer.

I grab up as many pictures of my subject as I can find. I like the ones that are close ups the best, and the bigger the picture the more I like it! I get front shots, as well as side shots. (I like to see that little bump on the nose if it's there, and I want to see as close a detail as I can when doing these.)

I also plan out what I am going to have that person wearing, as well as the other details like hair, and jewelry. I 'shop' the sims 2 community for each of these details--sometimes it takes a while to find that certain hair, that one outfit that I simply must have for this sim===OR, if I can't find it, I try to make that outfit for this one sim. I do try to keep my files small, so this certain sim won't crash your game. Skin tones are fun to look through too. Sometimes one skin just isn't 'right' so I scoop up another one and try that one.

I save all my pictures to a file with that person (or subject's) name, then I bring the picture up right alongside my bodyshop, then go from there. I change the view/picture often, just so I get the right look. Even with my Twilight folks. I made the sim of the actor, then gave them the teru_k skin tone, so it's quite a work in progress.

When I'm done (or think I'm close), I step away from it for a while, then come back later on. I also ask my family how close the sim looks. Usually I'm pretty close, so it's all good.

When the sim meets with my inspection, I get the pictures for them done. Now, with my sims I always make them the subject of my picture, rather than the background. I usually use my black background, unless they have black hair.

The Controls:
These controls pretty much speak for themselves. You click a button, and it makes the nose, eyes, whatever, into what you want. Sometimes, you have to save the character, then open them again. This is sometimes necessary, so you can get to start where you ended. Oooo, that was not clear, was it....hmmmm.... Okay, so you have to have a bump for your sims' nose. You get to the end of the bar, but that isn't enough of a bump for this one. Well, that's when you save them, then open your saved sim. NOW you can make the control go even farther now. The same goes for any of the controls.

Packaging your sim for distribution:
Now that you have your sim, your pictures. You must remember to list all the custom content, all the meshes, all the goodies that came together to make that sim. This is not only for courtesy, but is required by all custom content creators. Another thing they are adament about is to not have it available on the exchange! (the reason for this is that there are pirates out there who steal the content, then redistribute it as their own works!) I appreciate the custom content so much that it usually shows up in my descriptions!
Since I have so much CC, I usually don't put mine up on the exchange, but on ss2 or insim (now IS), and now my new download site Nouk.

I do hope this is what you wanted. This is how I do all my celebrity, as well as self-sims.

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Please Many
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My Sim Tutorial-How I do them
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